Newest Social Media Platform Comes From Weber


Newest Social Media Platform Comes From Weber

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “liesty” means “leisurely, idly, spare”, but even that definition has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. Today, the word “liesty” is commonly used to refer loosely to a person’s lifestyle, attitudes, behaviors, and opinions. The word was first introduced by Austrian psychiatrist Alfred Adler in his influential 1929 book, The Case of Miss R. With the expanded meaning of “idleness, of a leisure time”. The meaning of the word today, is more refined, and more encompassing of a persons’ preferences and choices.

Lifestyles of the rich and famous certainly echo those of their less fortunate counterparts. But while some lifestyles mirror success in the marketplace and are perceived as successful in certain arenas, others are not so lucky. Successful actors, authors, and athletes all share one thing: an ability to choose. And in this choice, they are able to live their life according to their individual preferences and personalities – including their level of wealth.

In our current society, the individual is evaluated primarily by their lifestyle choices. Lifestyles are evaluated within specific societal contexts, such as those found in the private, public, and educational sectors. For example, in the educational sector, a student’s academic success is based largely on the personal choices that they make regarding subjects such as which schools to apply to, the faculty they report to, their campus housing, clubs that they participate in, and extracurricular activities. The choices of rich and famous individuals are not evaluated nearly as much, if at all. For this reason, a lifestyle-based evaluation methodology can provide unique insights into the lives of rich and famous individuals. In the case of LIFESTYLE, the organization seeks to provide lifestyle content via a combination of personal and corporate blogs that are optimized for search engines.

For this first phase of development, LIFESTYLE began with the acquisition of Polaroid photos and micro-blogging software from Polaroid. These two technologies enabled LIFESTYLE to utilize its unique position in the ecosystem to create unique online profiles and, in doing so, become a social media company. As a result, LIFESTYLE has positioned itself as a unique online force. Polaroid’s social media marketing capabilities include micro-blogging applications for both businesses and consumers, as well as a unique line of digital cameras that take “selfie” images. Polaroid also provides a unique directory of businesses, services, products, and websites. In addition, LIFESTYLE leverages social media sites such as Facebook to extend its influence to a broader base of potential customers.

The second phase of LIFESTYLE evolution consists of the acquisition of more micro-blogging tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer, along with a suite of third-party services that allow users to create highly-customized curiosities through targeted demographics and interests. As this phase of growth occurs, LIFESTYLE will be able to integrate these services and increase its social media presence with more sophisticated marketing approaches. For example, LIFESTYLE plans to utilize social media focus groups and incentive participants through a number of incentives. The goal of the LIFESTYLE program is to build greater engagement and loyalty among its consumer base, resulting in increased revenue.

LIFESTYLE is currently operated by two founding members – Charlie Page and Jason Hoyer. With more on-board members soon to join, it is poised to take on larger roles in the evolving world of social media. In addition to its current role as a lifestyle brand, LIFESTYLE also serves as a social media agency, working with celebrities, musicians, brands, and fashion-oriented agencies. To date, LIFESTYLE has successfully launched six digital products: Weber Cookware plus the Hogle+ Plus Collection; Golden Frog and I drove; Serious Eats and Tastefully Simple; Serious Eats and Gourmet; and Smuckers and Wells.