Manage Your Body and Mind With Health

Health is a condition where disease and infirmity are totally absent. Different definitions have been employed over the years for various purposes. According to some health experts, it is the condition wherein “all parts of the body are in good working order”. On the other hand, there are some others who define health as the state wherein “health and welfare of the body are maintained”. Still, there is yet another group of health-minded people who believe that health is the condition where “health and welfare of the person are preserved”.

In the modern world, everyone strives to maintain the best health status. Whether it is for the sake of his own body and mind or for other’s sake, it is necessary to stay healthy. To do so, one must adhere to all reasonable precautionary measures. These measures include, keeping a good and healthy diet, regular exercise, and avoidance of certain health conditions. Although these measures may not cure all health conditions, they help in managing most of them.

In addition, the determinants of health status to determine lifestyle choices and the chances of getting ill. In order to keep a healthy lifestyle, the following seven determinants must be considered: (I) the age; (j) the sex; (k) the physical activity level; (l) the family history; (m) the overall health condition; and (n) the social environment. Considering these seven determinants, a person can assess his health status at any given time and get the appropriate help.

The age is considered as the primary determinant of the level of health. As the population ages, some health conditions start to show up. It is due to this reason that occupational health plays an important role. Occupational safety programs are designed and implemented so as to ensure healthy work practices. In addition, in some countries, the Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires employers to provide at least a basic level of occupational safety.

The age is also considered as the determinant of the level of physical activity. While it is true that as people get older, they become less active, there are various methods to maintain the level of physical activity. One of the methods is through regular exercise. Regular exercise helps in the prevention of many diseases and also maintains the overall health condition. It is also a method that reduces the occurrence of disability related to old age.

In addition, the sex plays an important role in terms of maintaining a healthy body. The importance of having a healthy sex life is often overlooked in the social responsibility. However, healthy sexual practices is believed to contribute positively in several aspects of your life. It is a method in which you manage to reduce the spread of diseases and it also helps in managing disease through preventing the development of sexually transmitted diseases. Besides, healthy sexual practices also helps in managing psychological and social well Being.